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High – Tech Onyx is a man-made material with the appearance of real natural stone but offers far greater design flexibility. Curved, drilled or molded into complex translucent panel designs and shapes - it’s a surprisingly affordable way to transform any space. It’s extremely durable, water proof, heat and scratch resistant, as well as non-porous and food safe - all of which makes it the ideal material for use in limitless commercial or functional applications.

High – Tech Onyx is also a perfect material for designers, who loves to create surprising solutions using light and surfaces. We always try to combine design and function in our creations, without neglecting pure beauty, lightness and the use of full and empty spaces to create bold and precious looks. It’s also very easy to make, easy to cut, easy to repair, and easy to handle with simple tools, which substantially reduces labor costs for your projects.

Examples of Application of High Tech Onyx are, but not limited to, column, pillar, case bathroom wall, wall cladding, wall covering border tile, night stand display stand, serving tray, signature ceiling project, lighting and lamp shade, showcase, sliding door, partition and divider, furniture set reception desk, bar counter, coffee table, dining table for interior and exterior decoration in high end hotel room and lobby, nigh club, karaoke, coffee shop, fast food store, shopping mall, restaurant, airport, train station, casino, museum, etc.


Faux Marble is an artificial marble which offers a lot of superior features such as:

  •          Light weight and high strength
  •          Durable practicability
  •          Super corrosion resistance
  •          Aging resistance, super – weather ability, more than 30 years of service life
  •          Excellent decorative performance, with a variety of building standard color
  •          Simple maintainability, easy to clean
  •          Prevent rain infiltration and scale invasion.